10 most expensive football player transfers

10 most expensive football player transfers

In today’s club football, Money does matter !

You can’t stay up and compete with others if you dont spend it properly. Whether its TV rights, Stadium or training infrastructure or player transfer or agent fees, Everything affects your display on the pitch.

Here is a list of top 10 most expensive football player transfers of all time. The list has been compiled on 27 June ,2016.

#10 Kevin De Bruyne

Year : 2015

From : Wolfsburg

To : Manchester City

Transfer Fees : £54m

In 2015 Kevin De Bruyne moved from  to for £54m.

To start off with the list of 10 most expensive football player transfers, The first name is the Belgian playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne was an instant hit at Manchester City in his first season. He was one of their primary creators and bamboozled Premier League with his talent.

Now De Bruyne is becoming the architect of the Belgian attack in Euro 2016.

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