15 Best Real Madrid Players of all time

15 Best Real Madrid Players of all time - Football At Click

Real Madrid is a club that is not short of legends. Its a club where the best players strive to get a place to. Over the years, there have been so many amazing players to have put on the Los Blancos jersey. The very elite of the elite.

Here are the 15 Best Real Madrid players of all time. The list has been made after careful analysis and intensive research. Your personal opinions may vary !

15. Sergio Ramos

Position: Central Defender

The hero of La Decima.

His signing was doubted by many as he arrived as a youngster from Sevilla, but he was the big Spanish bet made by Florentino Perez and it has worked well.

Now the club captain, he is one of the world’s best defenders today and one of the best Real Madrid players of al time.

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