5 shocking facts everyone should know about Pepe

2.┬áPepe’s first boots story is a bit sad

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Though Pepe now wears Umbro Medusae while plying his trade on the field, it wasn’t always that he was able to wear such a comfortable pair of shoes; shoes that help provide solidity while also aiding in speed of movement.

This is one emotional story. As previously mentioned, Pepe grew up in an environment where his father was the sole bread winner of the family. Pepe Sr. was a daily labourer and the family ate what he brought.

However, Pepe had big dreams and needed a pair of boots to fulfill them. After constantly asking his father to buy him a pair of Umbro boots, his father took him to the shop and asked the shopkeeper about its price. The price was so high that it was almost 3 times of what he earned in a month.

But, he had to fulfill his son’s dream. Hence, Papa Pepe ran to a friend and borrowed one of her credit cards and bought the boots, paying the money back on 15-cruzeiros-a-month installments.

Pepe’s father actually went to other places to work and opted to save money by eating sandwiches for dinner and lunch and sleeping in the car instead of hotels.

An inspirational story indeed, considering where Pepe is today and how important a role that first pair of boots played in his life.

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