5 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win Ballon D’Or 2016

#4 Won Euro 2016

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This is maybe the main reason in the matter of why  Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win Ballon D’Or 2016 . The greatest pain of the Portugal commander  was his absence of honors with the nation.

In each national competition, he gave it his closest to perfect, yet it was simply not enough.

However, his time came. What’s more, it came directly after Leo Messi’s huge disappointment ( You can’t forget the fake retirement stuff right ?) ; making it to some degree more grand according to his fans.

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After driving Portugal to the final of the Euros, albeit scrappily, he needed to leave the field at that crucial point of time because of an injury inflicted by Payet during the game. Ronaldo tried his best to stay with his team but after many on-field treatments, The Portugese captain left the field with tears.

Eder scored the main goal of the match and gave Portugal its first historically speaking title.Even he won’t not have had a lot of a say in the last game, Ronaldo’s performace preceding that had a vital part in getting his side to that point.

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