5 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win Ballon D’Or 2016

#1 Unstoppable determination

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This is really what separates him from the rest: his relentless determination.

In spite of having so many haters, regardless of being named as a mediocre player to Lionel Messi,  being judged on each move that he makes, do whatever you want to do , but the man keeps goes on !

It is his desire of being the best is what is keeping him going.When he was injured in the Euro final, introductory reports guaranteed that he would be out for atleast five months, yet here he returned in two months and started training again for Real Madrid.

The way he keeps up his physical shape is an enlightening confirmation in itself concerning his tirelessness and love for the sport. Also, this year, it was these same qualities that produced a superb time with both Real Madrid and Portugal.

You agree or not but¬†Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win Ballon D’Or 2016 !

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