Top 5 reasons for Barcelona’s success

FC Barcelona is the team to beat this season. With their recent draw against Villareal at the El Madgiral  they are now unbeaten for 39 games. However, that game was a disappointment for the fans because they are soo used to see them win comfortably these days. Barcelona will be looking to beat Juventus record of 45 games unbeaten which was set in 2012. They are THE TEAM TO BEAT. While the attacking trio MSN Messi-Suarez-Neymar deserves a lot of credit, Let us take a look at some insights why are they successful lately.

#5: Players stepping up in clutch situations.

This is exactly what a team needs to lift them self up.One player doing something incredible which lifts the team,It gives the team boost of confidence and urges them to give extra into everything to make the impossible seem possible.

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Coming to Barcelona there are many people who step up and deliver when their team needs them. We see Messi dropping down the field to give incisive passes to Suarez and Neymar and dribble his way up to create more chances.We see Suarez cutting the defence with his runs and him efficiently finish up the chance. We see Neymar doing some incredible tricks and dribbling which leaves the opponents on the ground pegging. We see Mascherano tackling someone being the last man right in close situations  to deny them a shooting opportunity. When all the chips are down we see Bravo denying the opponent like a rock from even point blank range to save the team and protect his goal.And how can we forget Iniesta! He provides inch perfect passes which leaves the defence clueless on what happened to them.And we could go on forever. The players showing the extra special abilities lifts the team’s morale and urges them to perform better on the pitch.

Barcelona has many stars who can single-handedly showcase their spectacular talent which motivates their teammates to perform better. When the team is down in morale and are losing/drawing to other team they look up to their best player, And in Barca’s case the leader happens to be Messi. When the team is not doing well Messi drops down to the midfield and starts playing the long balls and the defence slicing passes to the ever ready Suarez and Neymar. Messi dropping down and shows that he is desperate and wants to win and he also motivates his team-mates.We have also seen the stat that more than 50% of Messi’s goals have come when his team was losing or drawing.This stat explains how much he helps the team in tough situations.

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