6 men who are carrying their nation in Euro 2016


6 Men who are carrying their nation in Euro 2016

Football is a team sport, so we have been told. While it is indeed true, there are some teams that have one true star player who inspires them to move forward. One cannot win anything major without a well-balanced combination of XI players, yet there are some players who carry the whole burden of their teams on their able shoulders.

In our (my, rather) Chittagong-ian society, a family is called complete when it has a father, mother, son and a daughter. Yet, all the weight of responsibility to earn the bread falls on the hands of the father. Similarly, in some teams, there is a ‘father’ player that does the earning and keeps the team running.

And it is no different on the international stage as well.

The Euro 2016 brings us some fine teams, from the sophisticated Spain to a brutally efficient Germany. It also brings us teams that are mostly inspired by one true standout player. And here are 6 men who are carrying their nation in Euro 2016 tournament.

#6. David Alaba – Austria

6 men who are carrying their nation in Euro 2016 - Football At CLick

They came into the tournament as somewhat of a dark horse after a brilliant run in the qualifiers. Indeed, with 27 points from a possible 30, they conjured up the most points in the qualifiers after England.

However, despite such a magnificent team effort, it can’t be denied that the Austrians have only one star man: David Alaba.

The Bayern Munich midfielder-cum-defender is one of the most talented players in the world and is certainly the best among the current crop of footballers that his country has produced. Comfortable both in midfield and defense, he is a highly versatile player who does a commendable job regardless of where he plays.

For Bayern, he played in the center of defense last season. And for his nation, he is a powerful box-to-box midfielder. His ability to be effective in multiple positions in itself makes him a standout player—the only that Austria have right now.

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