Alvaro Morata transfer news : 5 clubs are in the summer transfer race

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The summer transfer window brings about the opportunity for clubs to sign the players that would strengthen their aspirations for the upcoming season. And every summer, there is always a crop of players who attract clubs towards them like pollen draws bees. Alvaro Morata transfer news is one of the biggest summer transfer stories this year.

Along with many others, Alvaro Morata is one of the hottest names in the transfer market this year. There are headlines all over regularly about Alvaro Morata transfer news. With his buy-back clause coming into activation from this year.

Whether or not they keep him remains an interesting tabloid topic as a host of possibilities has been reported thus far. And here are 5 possible destinations for the Spain number 7, All of the below 5 clubs are trying to lure Alvaro Morata this summer.

5# Juventus


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Starting with the least likely scenario, Alvaro Morata could, after all, stay with Juventus and continue his development in Italy. However, the chance of this is highly unlikely given that his buy-back price would increase next year, coupled with the fact that the Spaniard isn’t really getting the game time that he had hoped for.

However, with uncertainty being the only certainty there is, the former Real Madrid starlet could make a U-turn and stick with the Old Lady for another year.

He has settled well with the club and has scored some really important goals at Turin. He is also adored by his team-mates and has a seemingly good understanding with Paul Pogba and Pablo Dybala. If manager Massimiliano Allegri promises him more game time, then, who knows, he might as well stay with his current employers.

Juventus are looking less likely to retain Alvaro Morata because of the hefty fees asked by Real Madrid and the next 4 clubs have a better chance than Juve of signing Alvaro Morata.

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