Arsene Wenger’s Most Profitable Signing at Arsenal

Much Money, Such Wenger
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Arsene Wenger is termed as one of the most miser managers in the history of Modern football.With the degree in Economics, the old ‘Professeur’ has always used his Economic knowledge in football Transfer Market buying cheap raw players at very young age and later selling them for huge money.He’s one of the oldest serving manager at the Arsenal.The man who changed football at Arsenal.With being a miser in the transfer market, Wenger has always been criticised by some set of the fans at Arsenal for missing out some of the best players in the history of football which includes the like of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and the list goes on & on.So, here we are with the list of most profitable signing ever made by Wenger.The following players were bought at cheap and then sold them at the huge price.

#10 Robin Van Persie (Fenerbache)
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Rvp joined Manchester United from Arsenal in the year 2012.


Robin Van Persie joined Arsenal for £2.75 million which was 50% lower than the asking price of Feyenoord, he was 21 years old when he joined the gunners.At first, he joined as a left winger but Wenger had another plan for him converting him into one of the best strikers of EPL.RVP was sold for £22.5 million, with an additional £1.5 million if Manchester United won Premier League in next 4 Years which they did.

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