EPL teams struggling In European Competition?

Is EPL Really, Best League In Europe?

Another exciting year of football we have witnessed in the European Competition but as usual nothing special from EPL clubs.As out of  6 clubs who appeared in either of the competition from EPL only two clubs managed to make entries in the last Eight round of the European competition.[Manchester City in UEFA Champions League, Liverpool in Europa League.] As all other teams apart from these two teams were eliminated.

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[/media-credit] B.Dortmund beat Tottenham with a scoreline of 5-1 over two legs.

We have seen Tottenham Hotspurs manhandled by Dortmund in the UEFA Europa League with a 4-0 aggregate score.After this result, we all must’ve had this thought that how did EPL go from having 3 semi-finalists in the UEFA champions league to teams struggling to go past the first knockout stage or even qualify to the  knockout stages in such a short time.

The real reason behind why EPL teams are not able to perform in Europe:

The reason is right here.The reason which makes EPL the most entertaining league is the also same reason which makes their top clubs struggle in Europe.If we observe in all  the Premier league matches we see one thing.MANY MISTAKES! We see many mistakes from the players which lead to clear cut chances and excitement for the fans and everyone who are watching.One defender commits a mistake which opens up the play for the opponent and then the desperation from fellow teammates to make up the mistake will excite the fans.Another problem we see is that these mistakes are mostly unforced.The player just randomly loses the ball or makes a stupid pass to the opponent.No opponent would be pressing or forcing but the player would make a mistake.This has become common in the Premier league that no one even points them out now unless that mistake resulted in a goal.

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[/media-credit] Manchester City Only Club from EPL to enter Quarterfinal.

The second reason is that the attack is not tactically strong.Sometimes we witness the almost perfect play from the teams but they are rare.Most of the time they rely on the mistakes of the opponents.The unforced errors, They wait for the opponents to commit a mistake and in that waiting process, all they do is pass the ball around with no meaning.They knock the ball around until someone commits himself for a tackle and sometimes they play long balls.But after all, these mistakes by the defence we have a slim chance of seeing goals galore.The attackers seem to miss many clear cut chances.But the attack is not really the problem for the clubs because those rare perfect plays  will always work for them.Most of the goals scored by EPL teams in Europe will be of exquisite.


Comparing all these to other leagues.In the 4 other top leagues, we would see passes with more meaning.Teams will force the opponent to commit a mistake.Teams pass the ball with a lot of meaning and they hardly waste clear chances.As the Premier league teams are habituated for committing mistakes they kind off do the same in Europe and other teams use that opportunity to the utmost.

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[/media-credit] Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (C) celebrates after scoring the 0-1 goal during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 with the aggregate score of 5-1 in favour of Barcelona.


Another main reason for the fall of EPL clubs in Europe is that their star players leave to the clubs which are considered the best like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich for instance.The Premier league mostly revolve around physical strength and the fast tempo.This leads to instability in the team due to injuries.Like we can hardly see EPL teams playing out their best XI in Europe, At least, 1 starter would be injured which is a problem.


Nevertheless, EPL teams defence is shaky.If they take care of the defence I see no reason of them not succeeding in Europe.The only way for that to happen is to not commit fatal mistakes at the back.



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