Leicester City wins Barclays Premier League

Leicester City Champions Jamie Vardy_and_ Riyad Mahrez a

Leicester City is a club that was on the verge of relegation and a miracle prevented Leicester from going to the second tier. Leicester City’s goal for the new season was the magical 40 point mark to avoid relegation. They sign a manager who was sacked by Greece after they lost to the Farore islands(can’t even spell them correctly), sacked at Monaco. Even the ex-players and fans of Leicester City were wary.

The striker was told that he could never be a footballer. He was playing in the bottom of the tiers. The playmaker was signed from Ligue 2. Nobody can forget the contribution of Riyad Mahrez in this fairytale. The rest of the squad is made up of has-beens and rejects from the top teams. Leicester City wins a few games and the rest of the world thinks it’s great for football but say it will be over soon. Vardy, breaks the record of scoring in consecutive games and everybody cheers him on but they don’t think it will be enough to become champions.

Autumn turns into winter and everyone says the festive season will haunt them but Leicester thrive on it. People start noticing that the bubble hasn’t burst, they start thinking but it’s still not possible they say. Match after match, week after week, you start grinding out results. People start becoming believers, they start to trickle in. They pinch themselves to be sure they aren’t dreaming. Soon Leicester City stands on the edge of immortality. When the players go out on that hallowed turf, they have the best time of their life. Leicester City leaves everything on that pitch. The story of the ultimate underdogs winning the championship built on the back of blood, toil, tears, sweat and a lot of heart. Stuff like this doesn’t happen outside of the world of fiction.

Leicester City Champions Celebrating

In the world of football where corruption is rampant, money is thrown at every player that is labeled “world class” and loyalty is a dying breed. Where legends are thrown out of the clubs they have served for twenty years. In a world of football dominated by mega stars it needs a win by Vardy and company. It needs to make the smaller club dream again. It needs to make the common man fall in love with football again. Maybe one last feel-good moment before the game is changed completely.

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Leicester City Premier League Champions

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