Lionel Messi sexually harassed and groped

Lionel Messi sexually harassed and groped ca

Lionel Messi is popular across the world for the  extraordinary things he has achieved. He has scored great goals, Conquered some incredible records, Destroyed the career of many defenders and lead FC Barcelona to so many glorious moments.

But nothing – NOTHING – about Lionel Messi can be more shocking for you than this rare video of him.

Video of the whole Lionel Messi groping is at the bottom of article

This video is from the year 2006 when a young and innocent boy Messi went to an Argentine TV show.

There took place this terrible incident where Lionel Messi was sexually harassed and groped by a gang of people.

It wasn’t a private video captured secretly, The show’s basic concept is sexual harassment of the guests. And if Lionel Messi already knew about it then why to go there just for some money?

This act in the past has definitely affected Messi’s image where he is one of the most known football players on the planet.

Just look at what they did to him-

It all starts out with a bum squeeze of Lionel Messi…

Lionel Messi sexually harassed and groped

Then there was no hesitation to grab his dick…Lionel Messi sexually harassed and groped c

This actually was done more than once you can see in the video below.

Messi was groped by many men and he can’t save his body. He was looking so helpless! Running everywhere to save himself by this group of men who were getting pleasure from touching  Messi’s private parts.

Watch the video yourself and share with others if you don’t believe your eyes –

Poor Lionel Messi 🙁

It can be clearly seen that the phrase “He’s a cute little boy” appears on the screen. It is really embarrassing to see Lionel Messi sexually harassed and groped

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