Real Madrid’s 10 Worst Signings

Real Madrid's 10 Worst Signings - Football At Click

Real Madrid’s transfers are always interesting and risky. Here are Real Madrid’s 10 Worst Signings which didn’t go how it was expected.

10->Jonathan Woodgate 

Jonathan Woodgate signed for £13m in 2004 from Newcastle while he was still injured and when he arrived he was forced back early for his debut by an impatient president. His thigh complaint worsened and his time out lengthened.

When he eventually made his debut a year after signing he scored an own-goal and was sent off. All the same he was given a standing ovation by Madrid fans who could see from the briefest appearances that he had the quality to be a very good Real Madrid defender.

He had also learned Spanish and was popular in the dressing room. Had it not been for the injuries he would have made a big impact. Unfortunately they hastened his return to England and so he has to make the top ten.

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